Tuesday, September 16, 2014


As I was preparing to come on my mission
I knew having a companion would be one of my greatest challenges
I like my alone time
When I'm stressed, I would prefer to run 20 miles solo and cry it out
BEFORE talking it out

But, you know what?
I have been pleasantly surprised
It's not to say that there are only rainbows and sunshine every day
{I mean, come on, we are human}
but I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for my sisters here
it is pretty great having a family of sisters to turn to
especially on those hard days

I've been blessed in this life
to have 3 younger sisters in my biological family
who I love and adore
but I've come to learn now more than ever
that we all have sisters
and we can all turn to those sisters in time of need
no matter our situation

In the September 2014 issue of the Ensign, there is a wonderful talk entitled

I invite you to read it

as sisters, we have the opportunity
bear one another's burdens
mourn with those that mourn
comfort those who stand in need of comfort
and most importantly
stand as witnesses of God

we are disciples of Jesus Christ
we are destined for more than we can possibly imagine
let us gather together as His disciples in a sisterhood of service, love and virtue
there's no reason to stand alone

"Sisterhood is an eternal bond prescribed by our Heavenly Father....we are 
never alone, for the Lord has given us all sisters."

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  1. words can not express how much happiness I get when I see pictures of you as a missionary in the exact same places that i stood as a little sister! I love those streets and miss them every day! I'm thinking of you! Soak in every stinking sunset. I miss it sooooo much!

  2. Well said Emily. Keep up the good work !!!!!